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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blue Plate Update!

**Update 12.30.10**

They no longer offer this on their dessert menu.

Just a quick update on Blue Plate Kitchen! :) Went there again for their happy hour. Food was still amazing as well as the service. And the Cowboys won that day, so YAY!

I noticed that they changed up their dessert menu again so this time I tried the Spicy Chocolate Cake. $5~ It's basically like 2 cupcakes stacked on top of each other and its got a hint of spice in the cake. OMG! SUPER delicious! The cake was sooo moist, and the froston was awesome. This totally beats all the cupcakes I've had in Dallas so far. Chocolate lovers, you must order this whenever you see it on their menu! The hint was spice was just right. It made it interesting without being weird and it actually helped to cut the sweetness so it wasn't overly sweet. Also the nuts on top added a great crunchy texture to everything. I'm definitely going to get this again sometime! :D LUV LUV~

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