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Monday, March 24, 2014

Society Bakery - Milk & Cookie Shots

If you haven't heard already, but the latest food craze in NYC is the chocolate chip cookie shot by the Cronut inventor. I wasn't as excited as when I found out about the cronut but it's still a cool idea. Although I'd like more milk with my cookies thanks. haha.

Obviously, I'm not going to NYC to get one of these any time soon so I was intrigued when I found out you can get them in Dallas! Society Bakery had posted pictures on their Facebook page. They were doing some experiments in their own bakery! I messaged them and found out it is available for purchase. My bf really wanted to try them so we ordered 2 for pick up on Saturday.

Society Bakery
3610 Greenville Ave. 
Dallas, Texas 75206
(214) 827-1411
Price: $

Milk and Cookie Shot $5~ 
You have to order these 36 hours in advance since they don't just offer it in the bakery. They said there is no minimum quantity required but it also depends on how busy the bakery is so it's not a guarantee on when you can actually pick it up. But they told me they could do it for me. We went by Saturday afternoon on our way to Deep Ellum. We also bought a half pint of milk in the store. These were not shot glasses... more like cups! At first I thought they were really expensive. But they were way bigger than I expected so I'd say the cost is reasonable. More cookie is always good! haha. I'd say they were about 3.5 inches tall. I liked how the inside of the cup is lined with hardened chocolate so the milk doesn't soften the cookie. 
We first took a shot of milk then filled it back up again and started working on the cookie. We had to eat it bite by bite around the whole thing. Took us a while since it was more than it looked. I'd say it was the equivalent to about 3 normal cookies. The cookie was good, crunchy since it had to keep it's shape. So if you don't like crunchy cookies, this might not be worth it for you. However, with the milk, it softens the cookie in your mouth and is a great combo. The layer of chocolate inside was yummy. My bf ate about 2/3rds of it then filled up the cup and popped the whole thing in his mouth. Impressive! My mouth isn't that big. haha. It took a long time for him to chew and finally eat it all, but he said it was a really good bite. It took him almost 2 minutes to finish that bite. He had to let the milk soak into the cookies to be able to start chewing. It was very entertaining watching this whole process. hahaha. And of course I got it on video!! So he said I had to do it too, but I couldn't fit it all in my mouth so I had to keep working at it. Finally I took the last big bite and seriously could not move my jaw for a good minute. But once the milk works its way through the cookie, I started chewing. It was an experience for sure. And quite delicious. But we both agreed we probably would not do this again. I think I'll just stick to regular milk and cookies. This was too much work! haha. I do recommend everyone try it though! Just make sure you call ahead!

Now someone in Dallas just needs to make a better cronut than in NYC and we're set! :P And if you haven't been to Society Bakery in general, you gotta go. One of the better bakeries in Dallas and gotta get their whoopie pies! My favorite. :)

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