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Friday, February 7, 2014

Savor at Klyde Warren Park

I finally made it to Savor at Klyde Warren Park!! I've wanted to check it out since I saw the drawings of the building before it was even done. All the walls are glass! That's so awesome. And the patio area looked really cool too. Hopefully when the weather gets warmer, I'll get to go back!

We had an event at the Meyerson, so I suggested to our group to go to Savor for dinner. We had a very large party and I'm glad they were able to let me make a reservation. The hostess was very helpful on the phone. :)

Savor Gastropub
2000 Woodall Rodgers Fwy
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 306-5597
Price: $$$-$$$$

We were seated in the community table in the bar area. That's the only big table they had. I can see why this place isn't good for large groups. But they were able to accommodate us so I'm really happy. The decor is super modern. I really love the glass walls, it's great for people watching at the park.

We started with some cocktails.

Walk in the Park (Hendrick's Gin, Vermouth, lime, cucumber thyme, rose water) $12~ (left) My bf got this because of the Hendrick's gin. It's one of my favorites. But it wasn't sweet enough for me. Very refreshing though.

I chose the Blackberry Sage Rickey (Ford's Gin, blackberry sage syrup, lime juice, soda) $12~ (right) I asked the waitress if it was sweet and she said yes. It was yummy! Sweet and fruity and was strong enough for me. I really liked it. I would totally order it again. My bf liked this better too. hehe.

Since we had a concert to go to, we did an early dinner. We arrived at 5PM and their dinner service didn't start until 5:30PM. But we were able to order drinks and appetizers first.

Lobster Puffs (Maine lobster and Comte cheese fritter, remoulade) $14~ I wasn't able to taste these cuz they were all the way at the end of the table. But I heard they were good.

Meatballs (pork and beef meatballs, tomato, olive, capers, and sweet basil) $12~ These were ok. The meatballs were moist but I felt it lacked some flavor.

Crispy Shrimp & Calamari (shrimp and calamari, chili glaze, fresh herbs) $14~ This was delicious. The shrimp and calamari were cooked well and the glaze was great. I really liked the sweet and spicy flavor profile. One of the better fried calamari I've had in a while. :)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts (dried cranberry, spiced pecans, bacon, aged balsamic) $11~ 
We ordered this. Anytime there's brussels sprouts on the menu, I'd get it. This was awesome. It was a pretty big portion compared to all the other appetizers. The brussels sprouts were baby sized so they were super tender. The combinations of flavors between the cranberry, bacon, and balsamic was great! Sweet, savory and a bit of tanginess. I would order this over and over again.

We also got the Braised Pork Belly (crispy mustard spatzel, dijon) $14~ 
The plate was so pretty. The pork belly was fatty and tender, cooked really well. The spatzel added great texture to the dish and the flavors were delicious. I would also get this again.

Soon it was time to order dinner!

I wanted to save room for dessert (one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Savor), so we shared an entree. House-made Gnocchi (napa cabbage, bacon, mustard jus, poached egg, pecorino pepato) $19~ 
They went ahead and split the dish for us (so this picture is only half portion). I like it when restaurants do that (without charging a split fee!) The gnocchi was soft and fluffy. I liked the bacon and cabbage in the dish. The only complaint was I think the mustard jus, which made the dish a little bit sour. My bf didn't mind that though. All in all, a good dish.

Other people ordered...

Shrimp & Grits (sauteed shrimp, Portuguese chorizo, greens, tomato ham broth, creamy cheddar cheese grits) $23~ Multiple people ordered this and everyone said it was good.

Grilled Grouper (carrot and olive oil puree, crispy cauliflower, radish salsa verde) $28~ I got to try the crispy cauliflower. Don't think I've ever had fried cauliflower, it was yummy!

Braised Short Rib (chile braised, aged cheddar mac, smoked pecan gremolata, crispy onions) $28~ 
Got to try a bite of this. It was our other choice. Next time I'm totally getting this!! The meat was super tender and decadent over the mac and cheese. The mac and cheese looked a bit "saucy"? But the entire dish was great and a very hefty portion.

Finally time for desserts! The first thing I heard about this place is that you can order the entire dessert menu for $24!! I sooo wanted to do that! The combos/prices are as follows:

1 for $3, 3 for $8, 6 for $16, 10 for $24

Since it was just the 2 of us, we opted for the 3 for $8. I had several choices in mind already after looking at their online menu, but I was disappointed to find out that their menu had changed. :( Need to update the websites people!!

From top left, clockwise.
S'more Trifle (graham cake, milk chocolate pudding, toasted marshmallow fluff). 
If I had to rank the 3, this would be my least favorite. (My bf's 2nd fav.) Not saying this is bad at all, just that I liked the other 2 better. I particularly liked the layer of graham crack on the bottom and the toasted marshmallow on top. It was creamy and smooth. I guess I didn't think it tasted that close to a s'more, I wanted a richer chocolate flavor.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bite (chocolate cake, pretzel crunch, peanut butter mousse). 
This was both our favorites. Super decadent. It was like a gourmet Snickers bar. It was rich and smooth with bits of crunch from the pretzel and peanuts. Awesome. I think next time we'll just get 3 of these. haha.

Meyer Lemon Tart (meyer lemon curd, pistachios, toasted meringue). I'm not a huge lemon fan but I'm getting more used to it. This was yummy. Refreshing and so cute!

Some other people got desserts too. From bottom left, clockwise.

Salty and Sweet Pudding (salted caramel pudding, whipped cream, pearls)

Fried Pie (blood orange, caramel, creme fraiche ice cream). They said the first bite of this was a bit intense with the blood orange flavor, but the more they ate, the more they loved it. Next time they will just order this. I need to try it!

Half Baked Banana Split (peanut blondie, banana ice cream, peanut butter caramel)

It was a fabulous dinner. The decor was nice, a little busy (but I'll call it energetic, haha). Our waitress was a trooper taking care of 20 people who arrived at different times and wanted separate checks. At the beginning of the night she said she wouldn't be able to do split checks but half way through the dinner she told us she was going to do it for us. I think she realized it was easier that way in the long run. haha. But she got all our orders right and the checks out in a timely manner. I enjoyed it a lot and I think everyone else did too. I will definitely revisit in the future, but next time I won't have 19 other people with me. haha.

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