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Friday, February 7, 2014

Crumbzz in Forney

It's been a while since I've blogged. Work has been insanely busy and I don't like it! :( Finally got some downtime today so I'm taking advantage...

A few weeks ago we happened to be in Forney, TX. Never been there so I looked up some places to get a bite. This place looked really cute and sounded yummy. Famous for their crumb cakes? I'm there!

212 S. Bois D'Arc St.
Forney, TX 75126
(214) 541-9665
Price: $-$$

The place was really nice. I expected it to be all homey and stuff but it was actually really modern. We were seated in the corner. The tables were quite small, mostly meant for small groups of 2-3 people.

My bf got a New York Egg Cream Soda (soda fountain soda. chocolate flavor) $3~ 
I think he had one expectation for cream soda but this wasn't it. Neither of us liked it. It was almost like chocolate milk watered down with carbonated water. It looked yummy though...

I got the Gruyere Egg Souffle (light and fluffy eggs accompanied by garden fresh shallots, creamy Gruyere Bechamel sauce and romano parmesan cheese) $9~ Add a side salad +$0.50~ 
It was one of the first things I noticed on the menu and the table next to us ordered it. They said it's worth the 20 minute wait. I haven't had a souffle in awhile and man this was good. Just the right amount for brunch. It was fluffy and cheesy and I love the crust on top. It paired really well with the side salad. I can't believe the salad was only an extra 50 cents! I totally recommend this. And a souffle for under $10, that's pretty awesome.

He got the Mushroom Spinach Quiche (sauteed mushrooms, spinach and creamy egg custard, nestled in oven-fresh crust. Served with strawberries, grapes and orange slice) $8~ 
Looks like a nice and healthy plate. The quiche was good. I wish the crust would be a little flakier but overall it was tasty. he enjoyed it a lot.

Since they specialized in crumb cakes, we had to have one! This is a old Austrian family recipe and they use all natural ingredients, no preservatives or chemicals. S'mores Crumbzz Cake (graham cracker, marshmallows, chocolate) $5.25~ 
This was their special seasonal flavor. It looked amazing. I wish they had warmed it up a bit though. The marshmallows and chocolate on top was a little hard so when you cut through the cake, the bottom part just got smooshed and broke apart. But it was still pretty good. The actual crumb cake part was crumbly and buttery.

If you're ever in Forney, go check them out. Just keep in mind they close by 3PM. It's perfect for brunch!

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