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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taiwan Trip #2 - 2013: Bakeries & Street Food

Can't go to Asia without getting some bakery goods and street food! And Taiwan is known to have some of the best of both around!

Hogan Bakery
Discovered this bakery by my grandma's house earlier in the year when I went in March. I love this place because they gave samples for almost every kind of bread/pastry they had. I can go there just for a meal. :P

Another bakery...
Matcha Red Bean Bread

Shilin Nightmarket
Downstairs Food Court
Stirfried Water Spinach

Fried Chicken
Mango Snow. I'm allergic to mango so I watched my sister and cousins devour this. It looked really good. And they said it's awesome.

Green Onion Pancakes. With Egg! Yum! And you can add different things to it. I added some pickled mustard greens. 

Gaykes - Shilin Nightmarket Vendor. 
Randomly walked by this food stand. OMG!! Never seen this before. I can't NOT post this!! Asians and their weird food creations. haha. Initially I just took pictures. But for the sake of my blog, I have to taste test too. haha. 

Sweet Gayke (red bean filled with green tea glaze) NT$60 
Quite good actually. It's the same as the normal red bean filled cakes in nightmarkets but just in penis form. hahaha. We were saying they should have different sizes since they have different colors. LOL! Plus the current size is a bit too big to eat for one person. #thatswhatshesaid The green tea glaze was yummy. I should say I didn't enjoy it and it was just material for my blog but I'd be lying. haha. It was tasty and we had a long laugh about it. Yes, there are pictures of me eating this. And no, you will not see them on my blog. hahaha.

I needed a snack before a late lunch one day so I just walked down the street from my grandma's place. Came by this Gua Bao place I've seen many times and this was my chance to try it!
Combination Pork Bun (fatty and lean pork with pickled veggies) NT$50 Super big pork bun. The meat sure was fatty and yummy. It filled me up more than I'd liked. haha.

Pearl Milk Tea. Cheap and good here. Have to at least get one on every trip.

Matcha Latte. Still on my matcha high from Japan earlier this year. It was really good... but not quite Japan caliber. haha.

Best breakfast... We have to come here at least once every trip. This time we had it twice!
Rice Noodle Soup
Pork Intestines and Tofu

Tong Hua Nightmarket
Skewered Octopus

Skewered Squid. We searched all over the nightmarket for this, finally found it right before we were headed home. My sister wanted to get one before we left for the US. Spicy and tender. Mmmmm!

Pork Blood Cake. My cousin's favorite. It's everything he's dreamed of since he had it 15 years ago. haha


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