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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nazca Kitchen

On Tuesday I had lunch with my L2E crew from work. It's getting harder and harder to meet up with everyone, now that we're all on different teams... I suggested Nazca Kitchen. I was supposed to go there last week but ended up not going. The menu looks fresh and healthier. :) 

Nazca Kitchen 
8041 Walnut Hill Ln. 
Dallas, TX 75231 
(214) 696-2922 
Price: $$ 

Nazca features South American cuisine... mainly Peruvian inspired foods. This type of cuisine is hard to find in Dallas so of course it's worthy of a try! The decor is open and bright, quite inviting. We were immediately seated at a booth. 

There were so many things I wanted to try on the menu, but I decided to stay healthy... But later I sabotaged myself with dessert... hahaha. :-/ 

I got the Perico Wrap (Spinach and bacon with scrambled eggs, cheddar, cilantro, onions, peppers) $6~ 
It was under the "lite" section in the menu. It was a good size for the price. I really liked it. Especially with the salsa on top. There was lots of spinach which was great. The eggs were cooked well and I got the saltiness from the bacon. Overall it was light but still filling. I took half of it to go for my lunch the next day! 

I also got the Baby Kale Side Salad (tossed greens, kale, carrots, feta, avocado, mustard seed dressing) $5~ 
I picked the carrots off since I don't like carrots. Everything else was great. It was really fresh. The dressing was unique...slightly sweet. I liked it. I took half of that to go as well! :P 

One friend got the Spinach Talon Chicken Wrap (Peruvian style aji amarillo chicken, spinach, cheddar cheese, eggs, pepitas, herb sauce and criolla) with side of Butternut Squash (butternut squash, red onion, cranberries and almonds) $10~ 
I was also looking at this. It was pretty similar to my wrap. I only got to try the butternut squash side, which was delicious! The squash was sweet and cooked well. The added almonds gave it a nice crunch. 

Another friend got Chile Jam Chicken Wrap (grilled chicken, leaf lettuce, almonds, criolla, yogurt and spicy chili jam on a sun dried tomato tortilla) with side of Quinoa (quinoa tossed in tahini glaze with broccoli, tomato, feta and pepitas, peppers, pecans and olives) $10~ 
I was also looking at this too! Haha.. all good choices. I tried a bite of the quinoa. Pretty standard if you've had quinoa before. Light and fresh. They both said the food was pretty good. 

Rum-Bread Pudding $6~ 
So I saw a check-in deal on Yelp to get a free bread pudding so I HAD to do it. Doesn't get any better than free dessert!!! Even though I'm supposed to be eating healthy during the week. haha. The bread pudding was super moist!! It wasn't overwhelmingly sweet like it looked. I thought it was pretty good. Would've liked more whipped cream on the side though. That little bit melted very quickly. 

The service was uber slow! It turned out to be a longer lunch break than we wanted. We also had issues splitting the check. But despite the lacking service, I enjoyed the food a lot. I think I would go again... just when I'm not in a rush. 

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