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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Haystack Burgers & Barley

Last Friday I went to go check out the new burger joint in Dallas. Yes, yes... another burger joint. haha. We certainly don't have a shortage of them! But this one caught my eye because the email I got featured their chicken fried burger. WITH jalapeno bacon gravy, which sealed the deal for me. haha. 

Haystack Burgers & Barley 
100 South Central Expwy. Ste. 17 
Richardson, TX 75080 
(972) 479-9424 
Price: $ 

I went with a few friends before going to see Iron Man 3 (HECK YEA!!!!) It's a really casual place. You order at the counter, find your own table and they bring the food out to you. It's a gourmet burger place, not fast food. The food took a while to come out. 

Of course I had to get the Chicken Fried Burger (with jalapeno-bacon cream gravy) $7.75~
Even though it's sooo terrible for me, I gotta try it. I asked for some lettuce and tomato on the side though so I can freshen it up. The patty was fried nicely and huge! The meat was juicy and the batter was crispy and flavorful. Of course I loved the gravy. It complimented the meat and added more richness. The lettuce and tomato was a good call in my opinion, it did lighten the burger up. I really enjoyed it. I would have it again! 

I also got the Haystack Onions $2.99~ which I read were very popular. It was delicious. The onion strings were thing and crispy. I loved the mayo dip that came with it. It was a bit greasy but I didn't expect it otherwise. haha. Yum! 

Here are the other foods ordered... 
Haystack Burger (Haystack onions, cheddar cheese, hickory smoked bacon, BBQ, lettuce, tomato, pickle) $8.49~ 
My sister got it without the BBQ sauce which is what I would've done too. hehe. Pretty good burger. It was huge! She pressed it down to make it easier to eat but it was still too tall to bite. haha. Ended up using knife and fork. 

Special of the Day Burger $8.49~ It had poblano peppers or something I think... I didn't get the full description but it was good too. 

Fresh Cut Fries $1.99~ (forgot to take picture...sorry) The fries were pretty good but not as good as the onion strings. 

Ranchero Chicken Stuffed Jalapenos. 5 for $6.95~ Another friend ordered this. It was pretty good. I really like their chicken fried batter. The jalapeno was super spicy which was awesome. A little too spicy for her...hehe. 

I really enjoyed my meal. I actually took half of it to go and ate it a few hours later. It was still good!! :P I definitely recommend it and I'll be back in the future.  They still got a couple menu items I wanna try!

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