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Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day @ Yutaka

Since we did V-Day dinner over the weekend, I didn't expect to do anything on the actual Valentine's Day. But my bf surprised me with dinner! :D He didn't tell me where we were going but I trust his judgement after going to eat with me all these times. hehe.

We ended up at Yutaka on McKinney Ave. I've been there once before, many many years ago and thought it was fantastic. We both agreed that this is definitely one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dallas.

Yutaka Sushi Bistro
2633 McKinney Avenue, Ste 140
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 969-5533
Price: $$

They don't take reservations and I remember we waited a long time the first time I went. Surprisingly, it wasn't very busy when we arrive at 7PM. We were immediately seated. :)

We got a bunch of things to try. I've never had any of these the last time I was there.

Asian Spinach with Black Sesame Sauce $6~
This was totally interesting. I loved the presentation even though it was sooo teeny. haha. The spinach was super tender but the star was definitely the sauce. I LOVE black sesame but I've only had it in sweet preparation before. The sauce had a hint of sweetness but was still savory. The combination was great. I wish we got a giant plate full!!

Texas Roll (jalapenos, chili oil, masago, avocado, minced octopus) $8.50~
This was a great roll. The jalapeno and chili oil was what sold it. And it definitely had a kick to it. But the most important element was the avocado. It seems like they mashed it up a little so it was more of the consistency of guacamole. Creamy and spicy and yum!! The rolls were also quite small though. Sigh~

Fresh Salmon Sashimi (5 pcs) $9.50~
Super fresh and almost buttery. Delicious!

Hamachi Kama (with grated daikon) $13~
The cheek of the fish is always the best part. This wasn't as big as some of the other kamas I've had in the past but it still had quite a bit of meat on it. Fresh with just the right amount of seasoning where you can still taste the actual fish. :)

Ishiyaki Kobe Beef (cooked on a hot river stone bowl; kobe beef only) $21~
I've never done this before. It was pretty cool. The bowl is super hot with some sesame oil in it. And you cook the raw beef in the bowl yourself.
The beef was like buttahhhhhh!!! When my bf ate the first bite he actually closed his eyes. He said "this is amazing." And it was. The quality of the beef was pretty awesome. The flavor of the marinade was good too. Slightly sweet, gingery, and not too salty so it didn't overpower the beef. It was a cool experience. But we only got 7 slices of meat. I want more! haha.

It was a great dinner. The food was fantastic and it was a great surprise. :) Service was good as well. And half way through our meal the place really filled up. If you love Japanese food, definitely go check it out. You won't be disappointed! Also, they have an Izakaya/Sake Bar just next door. Next time I wanna go check that out!

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