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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LA!! The Edison

After dinner we went to check out a highly recommended lounge/bar. We got there pretty early (9:30PM) so we didn't have to stand in line too long.

The Edison
108 West 2nd St. #101
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 613-0000
Price: $$

This is a really cool place. The decor is 1920's-ish with a lot of cool lights which fits the name. Definitely one of the cooler bars I've ever been to. There was some special performances by The Bling Divas that night so we had to pay a $10 cover. After you pay, you walk downstairs to the bar area. There were already a ton of people there.

We walked around a bit first, taking in all the decor and tried to find a table. Most of the tables were taken and everything else had a 'reserved' sign on it... Booooo. I heard that normally they don't do that. Bleh.

Anyways, so we make our way back to the bar, which was surrounded and super packed since most people didn't have tables to sit at. The bartenders were definitely working overtime. It took a while to finally flag one down and make our orders.

Their cocktails are pretty expensive. And I had higher expectations from reading pretty positive online reviews.

The Mistress (vodka, hibiscus liqueur, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, shaken lightly and topped with Prosecco) $14~
This was disgusting. The bartender said this was probably the sweetest cocktail on the menu but it was NOT sweet at all! I had to give it back and ask him to make it sweeter. And all he did was douse it with syrup. Great... now it's just lemon juice mixed with artificial syrup. BLECH!! Totally not worth the money. For this price I should just go back to The Library Bar!!!

The decor was definitely something cool to experience but we weren't really feeling it. Too many people and not enough places to stand. And its not really a place where people dance either. Kind of boring! So we finished our drinks and decided to venture elsewhere...

This place was hyped up too much. It's cool to see the decor. But I would definitely not pay for cover or the price for their drinks... :(

Quality of Food: 0


Value: 0
Overall Experience:


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