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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LA!! Onyx Lounge

I found a place on yelp that was only 3 blocks from The Edison. Reviews seemed pretty positive so we decided to walk there and check it out.

Onyx Lounge
118 West 5th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 891-1144
Price: $$

This was a great find! It was a pretty small restaurant/bar and it was packed when we got there so we had to just stand around and wait for a table. The hostess was really nice and said she would let us know whenever a table opens up.

We headed for the bar in the mean time. The bartender greeted us immediately. Wow! You don't usually get that type of service from bartenders...especially when they are that busy. It was a refreshing surprise.

I got a cocktail to share with a friend. Spring St. Smash (Bourbon, blackberry, basil, lemon, sambuca) $11~
This was their signature cocktail. I thought it was so cute in the jar. And it was a pretty large drink! It was yummy too! Similar to the blackberry mojito I had at the Library Bar (not AS good) but still quite fantastic. The sambuca really added another layer of flavor to it. Plus it's so pretty! :)

Trojan (watermelon, gin, allagash white, chili) $11~
Allagash White is actually a beer. I didn't really like this drink...kinda tasted soapy to me.. haha.

We waited quite a while. Seemed like a really happening place so only new people came in but none of the existing customers wanted to leave! haha. The hostess was nice enough to come by and check on us every once in a while. She told us that one table seemed like they were going to leave (but they ended up sticking around until super late...) Eh. BUT...while standing around, I noticed some guy walk in and he looked quite familiar. I asked my friend if he recognizes him. It took us a while to pinpoint where we'd seen him before and finally we did. It was the actor, Lee Thompson Young, who was Cyborg in Smallville, and also had roles in other TV shows such as Friday Night Lights and Flash Forward!! Our first real celebrity sighting!! haha. We approached him and he was super nice. And we got our photos!! Woot! That definitely made the night even better!

Finally we got a table! And we ordered a few snacks for everyone.

Spicy Garlic Fries (herb buttermilk dressing) $6~
OMG! Amazing! Fantastic! These fries were like crack! So freaking addictive. They were fried perfectly, seasoned perfectly with just a dust of chili powder on top to add some spiciness. I can eat these forever!!!

Warm Ricotta Mixed Berry Pancakes $9~
Very delicate, pillowy pancakes. Not your typical dessert but it was very good.

Chocolate Bread Pudding $11~
This dessert was a bit pricey, but it was fantastic! Sorry for the blurry picture. :( The bread pudding was rich in chocolate flavor and the texture was almost like a thick mousse. Super moist and decadent. I wanted to lick it off the plate!

This was a really cool, chill place. I'm so glad we gave it a chance! The decor is nice, the food and drinks were good and the service was really great. Also, they had a live DJ there but the music level wasn't too loud. We were still able to carry on a conversation with our friends. I can see myself chilling there more often if I lived in LA. I wouldn't mind going back to try more of the menu items either!!

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