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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vegas Trip: Table 10 @ Palazzo

Our last dinner was at Table 10 in Palazzo Hotel. And it's also the last day of Vegas' Restaurant Week. It's owned by the famous celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse. The menu looked really tasty online!

Table 10 - an Emeril Lagasse Restaurant
3327 Las Vegas Blvd, South Suite 2900
Las Vegas , Nevada 89109
(702) 607-6363
Price: $$$$$+

We had to push our dinner back a few times because we were running late and also not very hungry. We finally made it there around 9PM which is their last seating time. The restaurant was pretty empty by then but they put us in one area of the dining room with all the other diners. The area we were sitting felt a little cramped. One of my friends basically said that we could just reach over and take the bread off the table next to us. hahaha. And it's true... The decor was nice. Warm tones, tall ceilings and I liked the wall of wine bottles we sat by. It was just kinda too close to the other tables.

I was super full from earlier in the day so I opted not to do the Restaurant Week again. Everyone else did.

They started us off with an amuse bouche. Salmon tartare over a baguette topped with avocado. The bread was a bit too hard but the salmon was fresh.

We also got some bread...

Iceberg Salad (with buttermilk dressing, shaved radishes and bacon).
The lettuce was fresh and the bacon was good but it was pretty basic.

New Orleans Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo (with steamed rice).
They brought out an empty bowl and a pot with the gumbo in it and poured it in at the table. That was a cool presentation. The gumbo was good, the rice was cooked well but wasn't memorable either.

Carlsbad Aqua Farms Black Mussels (steamed with Fat Tire Ale, caramelized shallots and crusty baguettes).
One of my friends got this and I actually ordered this off the regular menu as my entree since I wasn't very hungry. All the appetizer portions were quite big. The mussels were cooked well and the broth was light. I thought the broth could've used a bit more seasoning or herbs or something though. The flavors weren't that exciting...

So during the first course, the manager came by and introduced himself and said he was a friend of Jason, our waiter from Sage. And brought out some Thick cut Bacon with Bourbon Maple Syrup (on the house) for us. Awwwwesome!!
The bacon was thick cut, sweet and salty and really delicious. It was sweet enough so didn't need the Bourbon syrup. But I tried a bit of the syrup and you can really taste the Bourbon, it added an interesting kick to it. Yummy~

Whole Roasted Suckling Pig "Porchetta" (with Wiser farm heirloom carrots and roasted garlic sauce).
I've been thinking about this dish since we made the reservation. It sounded so interesting and delicious and I was eager to see how it actually turns out! It was a big disappointment. The giant slab of meat actually looked really impressive and the waitress described how it was cooked. Basically they take the pig and remove all the bones then put it back in the skin and roast the entire thing for a really long time. Sounds yummy right? Well the meat was surprisingly dry... :( And there was no difference in texture so it was pretty boring. I think if they had crisped up the skin (like how I had imagined it would be) it would've been sooo much better. It was very one dimensional, both texturally and flavor wise. My friend also said it was really heavy. Both the meat and carrots were heavy... it needed some greens to lighten it up I think. Booo...

Braised Beef Short Ribs.
This was a heafty plate too. I was very surprised by the big portions in every course! I only got to try a bite. The beef was a little salty. My friend finished it all but wasn't particularly impressed with it. I think he was just hungry since we ate so late. haha.

Emeril's Banana Cream Pie.
Now this was definitely the best course in my opinion. But by then we were all super stuffed! This was my favorite dessert out of the 3 but the other ones were good as well. The banana pie was super tall, very cool looking with all the layers of bananas in there. The bananas were fresh and the whipped cream was light and fluffy. I particularly loved the crust. It was different than your typical pie or graham cracker crust. It seemed more crunchy to me. It wasn't overly sweet either. If I wasn't so full I probably could've eaten the whole thing!

White Chocolate Malassadas.
This is basically like a filled beignet or donut and then dusted with sugar. It was quite sweet and didn't need the creme anglaise that came on the side. But tasty!!

Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Parfait.
This was the biggest glass of mousse I have ever seen. The mousse was creamy and chocolatey, but not too sweet. And of course chocolate and blackberries are a great combo. But the portion was definitely too big. I think they could've easily reduced it by like 60% and still have a great dessert. So most of it had to go to waste since we were leaving the next morning and can't really take anything to go... :( Such a waste...I was sad. haha.

So it was another disappointing meal, other than the desserts. They earned some points back for that course. hehe. But yea... didn't meet expectations for the most part. The service was good though and the bacon was a nice gesture.

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