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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chicken House

Chicken House
2625 Old Denton Rd., Ste 620
Carrollton, TX 75007
(972) 242-5500
Price: $$

This past Sunday, I went with a couple of people to check out the new Chicken House in Carrollton, in the H-Mart Shopping Center (Old Denton and 191). It's located next to the new frozen yogurt place, My Cherry-o.

Initially we thought it was a Korean fried chicken place (which we got sooo excited over cuz it's SOOOO good!) but were told that it was different. Still wanted to check it out though.

Walking in, the decor was pretty cool, and every table had this giant pan/skillet thing in the middle. Not your typical Korean BBQ grills. There's also seating on one side of the restaurant where you sit on a Japanese style. :) We chose to sit there.

The menu was pretty small and located on the walls. They only offered chicken...hence this name "CHICKEN House". We weren't quite sure how things worked but we looked around and saw all the other tables cooking things in that pan. Looked sooo yummy! We let the waitress advise us on how to order. She was super nice. Initially
we thought it was charged per person (since that's what was stated on the menus), but it's actually "per order". She told us that for 4 people it was enough to get 3 orders of their Chicken Galbi $14.88~ (per order). Then we also added Rice Cakes and Sweet Potatoe $1.88~ (each order).

Usually in Korean restaurants they give you a lot of small plates. Here we only got kimchi and spicy daikon. Which is fine, since kimchee's my favorite thing anyways. We also got some lettuce leaves and bean sauce.
The waiter (I think also part owner?) showed up with a giant plate of raw ingredients: cabbage, sesame leaves, chili paste, chicken, rice cake, sweet potato, onion, and green onions. He dumped the whole thing into the pan. We waited for the pan to heat up and I started mixing all the ingredients with the giant spatulas. was hard work!! And super hot from the heat of the pan.

A few minutes later, he came back to help stir for us. While doing that, he told us that this was the first one of this kind of restaurant in the US (although I found on Google today that there's one in Hawaii...). Also, he said the pan weighs 17 kilograms. It's pretty massive. Being the professional, he was doing a much better job mixing it all than me. hahaha. Soon the flavors and colors from the sauce/paste was infused into everything and the smell was just fantastic. After about 15 minutes of mixing, he told us that the veggies and rice cakes were ready. And once the sweet potatoes were done, then the chicken is done too. Usually takes about 20 minutes for the chicken to cook through.

It was delicious. I really liked how there were so much veggies in the dish. With the lettuce wrap and bean sauce it was even better. The kimchi was also very good, nice and crisp, good flavor. When everything is almost done, they bring over a big bowl of rice with sliced veggies in it. They dump it into the pan with some more chili paste and mix it up to be fried rice. The rice gets a nice crispy crust on the pan, it was great!! (I was too busy eating to take a picture of the rice...sorries. :P)

We also tried their special cold noodles (Chun Chun noodles?). I normally don't like Korean cold noodles, but this was super light and refreshing. Really balanced the hot chicken bbq very well.

It was a great meal, and fun too! I was sooo full after. Definitely will be going back in the future. I recommend everyone to go check it out. It's something different! :)

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