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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CHOMP! goes to Mexico. AGAIN!! :)

Went to Mexico again!! Soooo much fun...I wish I was still there. :(

A trip means lots of foooood of course!! Some were good, some were meh. The food at this resort, Ocean Coral &Turquesa by H10 in Puerto Morelos, is not as good as the resort I went to last year...

But anyhoo...enjoy the pics!! :D

- Baileys...the glass is sooo cute!! :P
- Beef Quesadillas w/ Rice & Salad
- Hot Tea & Chocolate Chip Cookie. YUM!

NIGHT 1: BUFFET DINNER (pre-dinner snack actually. hahaha):
- food: Salad, Pork, Chicken w/ Mole
- dessert: Bread Pudding, Flan, Chocolate Cake

- Mix Sushi Appetizer: Avocado, Eel, Shrimp, Red Masago. This was BLEHHH!
- Vegetable/Tofu Soup
- Sauteed Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, Mixed Veggies, Fried Rice. The flavors were nice. Fried rice, shrimp and veggies were awesome, the meats were overcooked.
- Vanilla Ice Cream with Baileys & Coffee Jelly. Interesting. The Baileys in the ice cream was gooooood!

NIGHT 1: LA PETITE CREPERIE (After dinner snack):
- Farm Land Crepe: stuffed with chicken breast and mushrooms
- Caprice Crepe: Stuffed with banana, strawberries and chocolate syrup
- Garu Crepe: Combination of Blueberries and Mascarpone Cheese, on Vanilla sauce
- Thai Pizza: Mozzarella cheese, onion, peppers, sprouts and chicken breast

NIGHT 1: THE SCORE: SPORTS BAR (Late night snack):
- Chicken Nuggets & Fries
- Hotdog & Fries
- Pepperoni Pizza

UGH...we ate SOOOO much this first night... hahaha

NIGHT 3: DINNER: RITRATTO D'ITALIA - Italian Restaurant:
- Bread (w/ oil and vinegar dip)
- Pasta e Fagioli: White beans soup with pasta, vegetables and crackling bacon
- Caprese: Juicy tomato slices and milk flower cheese, dressed with balsamic vinegar
- Salmone Marinato: Salmon slice accompanied by lettuce and cherry tomato, dressed with fennel
- Carpaccio Di Filetto Di Manzo: Beef fillet Laminas with Arugula and blue cheese sauce
- Bruschetta: With tomatoes and prosciutto
- Lasagna Alla Bolognese: Meat Lasagna au Gratin with Mazzarella cheese
- Penne Alla Carbonara: Pasta with bacon, onion, egg, cream and parmesan cheese
- Tagliata Di Manzo: Beef fillet, served with baked potato, Arugula and balsamic sauce
- Grighata Mista Di Mare: Combination of salmon, squids, shrimp and clam, and rice
- Strawberry/Orange Tarts
- Berry Mousse Cake

- Tiramisu
- Chocolate Cake

NIGHT 4: Dinner: HACIENDA LOS GIRASOLES - Mexican Restaurant:
- "La Hacienda" Nachos: Crunchy corn chips with cheddar cheese, beans, smoked sausage, guacamole and Mexican sauce
- House-made Habanero salsa
- "Jarocho" Avocado: Shrimp cocktail "Veracruz" style
- Shrimp Taquitos: Tortilla made with sweet potato, stuffed with shrimp, with Pasilla chili sauce
- Tostadas "Yucatan" Style: Fried tortilla, covered with Cochinita Pibil (pork), lettuce, tomato, purple onion, cheese and sour cream
- "Barbacoa" Flautas: Lamb meat tacos, accompanied by beans and guacamole
- "Tikin Xic" Fish Fillet: Mayan recipe, served with rice and vegetables
- "Puebla" Style Enchiladas: Flour tortillas stuffed with chicken, covered with Mole sauce and accompanied by rice
- Mexican Fajitas: Traditional fajitas with beef, accompanied by beans, guacamole and flour tortillas
- "Puerto Morelos" Mixiote: Shrimp cooked in annatto tree and guajillo chili pepper, folded in maguey leaf and accompanied with rice
- Capirotada: Fried bread with vanilla syrup, tequila sauce
NIGHT 4: MIKE'S CAFE (after dinner desserts):
- Banana Bread Pie
- Chocolate Brownie
- Mocha Cake
- Berry Cheesecake
- Strawberry Tart
- Cafe Latte

- Chips with Habanero Salsa
- Sopa de Spagueti, Filete de Pescado al Mojo de Ajo, Papaya Juice ("Comida Corrida" Combo)$55 Pesos~
- Cochinita Pibil: Marinated pork with rice, beans, and pickled onions $80 Pesos~
- Arrachera Asada con Papas: Roasted arrachera (beef) with french fries $80 Pesos~
- Chicken Tacos, Salad, Flan
- Beef Empanada, Salad, Flan
Food was good, flan was icky... T_T

I give this trip's food an overall:

until next year...


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