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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mmmmmm....butterfish.... :P

I went back to Roy's last weekend for a friend's early birthday dinner. We chose Roy's because I had another $20 off discount. :P But also she had never been so we HAD to go try it...since Roy's is freaking awesome!

When I made the reservation, I had told them it was my friend's birthday. So when we were seated, they had decorated the table with confetti and inserted a personalized birthday message inside the menus. That was pretty cool. I've always heard Roy's was a good place for special occasions. We were definitely hoping they would give us a free dessert!

There were 3 of us so we decided to get the Summer Prix Fixe Menu and another entree to share.

They had recently changed their Prix Fixe ($35~) to the Summer Menu so it was a good opportunity to try something new AND get the chocolate souffle cake of course!!!

For the appetizer we got the Curried Ahi Tuna (Nicoise Salad, Lemon Vinaigrette). The salad was very good and it had a lot of different components. Everything was very fresh and had lots of flavor except the tuna. I definitely tasted some of the curry but I wish it could've been stronger and a bit more seasoned. There was a flavor in the vinaigrette that I couldn't quite figure had a floraly scent and taste. It was different and very refreshing.

The entree was "Pulehu" Sirloin (Truffled French Fries, Roasted Shallot Jus). We ordered medium rare but the steak was a little overcooked. I'd say more like medium to medium well...a little tougher than I wanted. But the flavor was still good. The french fries were thinly sliced potatoes that were fried. They were super crispy and sooo yummy! They sprinkled some sort of seasoning on the potatoes...we couldn't stop eating them!

Lastly, the dessert was Roy's Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle (flourless chocolate cake with a molten hot center served a la mode). I have yet to try any other dessert at Roy's because I HAVE to have the chocolate souffle. It is in my top 5 of best desserts of all time!!!! It was just as good as always...and never big enough! The chocolate in the middle oozed out as we cut into it, and the vanilla bean ice cream is always a classic pairing to the chocolate. Warm, gooey, and of the best combos EVER! :D

I was hoping we would be able to get the souffle with the prix fixe and that they would give us another dessert for her birthday (b/c they usually do that for birthdays). I even asked the waiter...but he was new and said he would check. I don't think he did because we never got that free dessert. He didn't even put a candle on the souffle... I was quite disappointed.

For our other entree we got another one of my Roy's favorites...Hawaiian Style Misoyaki Butterfish (bamboo steamed rice, sweet ginger wasabi infusion) $28.95~ If you ever go to Roy's, you HAVE to get the butterfish. The colors on the plate are so vibrant and fantastic. And it tastes even better than it looks! It is soooo tender that it literally melts in your joke! It was delicious! The creaminess of the wasabi sauce with the steamed rice and the fish was just amazing. I recommend this dish to everyone when I mention Roy's. This and the souffle are MUST HAVES when you dine there. Everything else you can go back and try...gotta have these the first time you go. You won't be disappointed!!

So all in all, it was a great dinner because you can't go wrong with the dishes we ordered. But I was disappointed that they didn't do anything special with the dessert for her birthday... Oh well, the yummy food still made it a good night!

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