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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ladies Nite~~

**Update 12-29-10**
I believe Trece is no longer doing Ladies' Night...they might still have other happy hour specials though.

4513 Travis Street
Dallas, TX 75205-4126
(214) 780-1900

Price: $ (for Ladies Night)

I went to Trece's Thursday Ladies Nite about 2 weeks ago. It goes from 4-9pm and offers $3 margaritas and $3 blueberry mojitos. They also provide complimentary chicken quesadillas/chips and salsa, as well as complimentary valet parking. What a great deal!!! (especially for the drinks since they are normally $11 a piece!) O.o The blueberry mojito has become one of my favorite drinks...although I would still never pay full price for it.

So from what was going to be a small girl's nite out turned to a full blown party! :P We found out that this awesome deal is not just for the ladies but for everyone, so then all the guys wanted to go too! hahaha. We ended up having like a group of 14 people at one point.

About the food...the blueberry mojitos were awesome just liked I remembered from the first time I had it. And at $3 a pop, I definitely had more than I should... hehe. The quesadillas were also really good, they just didn't come out fast enough.
Now for the service.....HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! The first time we were there for dinner the service was already kinda blah...but this time was down right RUDE. When I first got there the hostess came up to greet me. I asked her if we're here for Ladies Nite if we can get a table or is it only restricted to the bar area. She told me that we can get a table. Then I told her we had about 14 people and she was a little worried. She told me that might be kind of difficult...although the entire dining area was empty at the time. But I told her no hurry since most of the people weren't there the mean time we'll just hang out at the bar. After a good 15-20 minutes I told her that it was no longer 14 but 12 people. She said that was "MUCH better"...uhhh ok....I didn't think 2 additional people would make SUCH a big difference... But anyways, she was still friendly about it so I was ok with that. Finally, most of the party had arrived and the hostess said we can be seated.

As soon as we sat down she started passing out the dinner menus. Then the waiter came by and immediately asked if we wanted to start off with some guacamole. (Keep in mind from my last post that the guacamole...altho very good...was $12/order...not worth it). I mentioned to him that we were there for Ladies Nite. Guess what he did next!?! He immediately turned to the hostess and says..."oh. they're here for ladies nite...." in a really snooty tone, and turned around and disappeared. WTF!! They are obviously offering these specials..and that's why we were there... It's not like we were there to cheat them for free food. There's no need to be all arrogant about it!

So during the time we were sitting there, we saw very little of him...or any other waiters... We had to ask him numerous times for more quesadillas. Which we waited over 30 minutes to get a plate of 3 pieces. THREE!! There were 12+ of us. ALSO...half way through, he and a team of waiters came thru like a whirlwind and removed us of all our plates and silverware. They were very pushy about it...didn't say 'excuse me' or anything.

Finally we had enough, we had MUCH better service while we were at the bar. The bartender was SUPER nice! We decided to go back out to the bar area. From the bar, we were able to quickly get more drinks and food as well.

So a warning to all who goes to Ladies Nite. Do NOT sit in the dining area because they will treat you like crap. Stay in the bar area where food and drinks are wayy more accessible and more people w/ more energy. As for dining there....good luck...the waiters are not much better even when you ARE paying for your food.

As for me...I still plan on going back for Ladies Nite just because its such a great deal and the mojitos are yummy. :P I just know to stay at the bar next time!

Quality of Food:

(the 1 cookie is b/c the bartenders were great...otherwise I'd give it a ZERO!):



Overall Experience:


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