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Monday, September 14, 2015

Bread Zeppelin

I heard about this place a few months ago and it sounded pretty interesting. Never got around to trying it until last month. From my understanding, it was something like Snappy Salads but then they stuff your salad into a hollowed out baguette. If you are going low carb.. you can also just get a salad in a bowl.

Bread Zeppelin
3450 E. Hebron Parkway #108
Carrollton, TX 75093
(469) 701-2581
Price: $-$$

I had a meeting with my wedding planners so we decided to meet there. The line was pretty short which was good... I had read some reviews that the lines can sometimes get pretty crazy, especially during lunch. Everything on the menu sounded pretty good. It was hard choosing just one. hehe.

It's basically like going through a line at Snappy Salads and Quizno's at the same time. While the bread is toasting through a conveyor belt, they're chopping up all the salad components with a mezzaluna knife into smaller bite sized pieces. Then you choose your dressing and tell them when to "stop" when they squirt it into the bowl.

I ended up with the Lone Star Zeppelin (grilled flank steak, avocado, tomato, fried onion, jalapeno, iceberg blend) $8.99~ I subbed the romaine for the iceberg blend. They have recommended dressings for each of their combos but I chose the Lighter Than Dijon dressing. 
It was interesting watching them chop it all up. Makes sense though... easier to eat and easier to stuff into the bread. They don't hollow out the bread until after it's been toasted. And the guy in charge of that did it in one swift move. The leftover bread is then used for their croutons and stuff I think. They certainly stuff the baguette to the brim. I heard that if there's any salad left over, they give that to you too. As well they should! :P I was very excited to try my zeppelin. It was soooo yummy! I picked a good combo. The steak was tender, the fried onions were great, and the avocado added that rich creaminess. The bread was perfection. Just thick enough to hold everything in, but actually quite thin and toasted to a nice crisp. Om nom nom. I couldn't stop eating it... they gave me some sriracha which was just the cherry on top. All the flavors worked together so well. And I normally don't eat this much sandwich in one sitting but I killed it all. hehe.

Loved it! I called my fiance immediately after and said I needed to take him there. :) Such a cool concept and executed so well. The only complaint is that it's kinda pricey. I normally wouldn't spend over $10 on a sandwich... But the good thing is that it definitely fills you up!

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