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Sunday, October 26, 2014

LUCK - Trinity Groves

After my dessert first at Cake Bar... I met a couple of my friends for dinner at LUCK. None of us had been there so it'll be fun to try a new place!

LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen)
3011 Gulden Lane, Suite #112
Dallas, Texas 75212
(469) 250-0679
Price: $$-$$$

Their concept is pretty cool. They are a craft beer inspired kitchen so they promote items that pair well with beer. They also try to use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Unfortunately I don't drink beer, so the pairing is a little wasted on me. But I do enjoy pub fare.

I was a little disappointed to find out that their menu had changed and all the dishes on yelp that I wanted to try were no longer available. Booohoo. :( Their menu is pretty small and I didn't really see anything I really wanted. (Which is rare... I might add...)

None of us were super hungry and we were also saving room for dessert. So we got some stuff to share.

Bierocks "Beer-Rocks" (meat and cheese filled pocket pastries served with beer cheese fondue and au jus) $10~ 
I liked the presentation on the wood board with the name of the restaurant carved into it. It was basically a meat bread bun. Very delicious. There was a lot of the meat filling which was good. The top of the bread was a little heavily salted, but overall the flavors were good. Totally loved the beer cheese fondue sauce. We kept that around for other stuff to dip in. hehe.

Blueberry & Raw Butternut Squash Salad (mixed greens, candied pecans, goat cheese, citrus honey vinaigrette) $10~ 
I got this because I didn't want something too heavy and I love butternut squash. It was a big salad. I opted for no goat cheese since I don't like it. The butternut squash turned out to be thin strips chopped and put on top of the salad. I think if it's in the name, it should be more of a star than a topping. It was good though. Quite filling. I always liked candied pecans in a salad...adds sweetness and crunchy texture.

Signature Pastrami ("Texas Brisket Style", house-cured for 3 days and smoked for 15 hours with stone ground mustard, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, on sourdough) $13~ 
My friends shared this. The waitress said it's one of their big sellers. The pastrami wasn't really pastrami but more brisket. It was really good. Soooo much flavor. You can definitely get the smokiness of the meat. It's a very heavy sandwich though. Their housemade chips were also really good. Especially dipped in the beer cheese fondue. :P

The food was pretty good and they've not a nice patio area. The service was ok. Our waitress was nice but I don't think she checked on us enough. I probably won't go back. The food options were not super enticing or exceptional. If you like beer though, definitely check them out since they've got a big selection of craft beers.

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