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Friday, October 17, 2014

LA Burger

School is finally done! Where did I go the last day of class to celebrate? LA Burger! :) I always leave happy and full there.

I love this place. It is my favorite burger spot in Dallas. All my friends love it too so I chose it to have my celebratory dinner. hehe.

LA Burger - Carrollton
1017 E Trinity Mills Rd. Ste 104
Carrollton, TX 75007
Price: $

I usually always get the LA Burger with the K-Fries. But I had hit up a happy hour earlier and wasn't too hungry. Booze first, then eat, right? :P So my fiance and I shared some stuff.

K-Fries (loaded with sauteed kimchi, onions, bulgogi, cheese and cilantro) $5.99~ Last time I was there, I asked for sweet potato fries instead, and they were even better. This time I went a step above and asked for a fried egg on top. What what?! :) Not sure if they charged extra for it but it was so worth it. Pure awesomeness. I suggest you do the same. The yolk was still runny and burst when I cut into it. And it was fantastical... as always.

My fiance got the Bulgogi Hogi, his favorite. $5.99~ Always good, but I still like the LA burger best. :)

A friend of mine got the Seoul Dog (all-beef hot dog topped with bulgogi and sauteed kimchi) $4.99~ It looks amazing. I've never had it before and I got to try it. It's absolutely loaded. I dunno if I can finish one on my own! MMmmmmmm.

I'm usually super stuffed after my food so I've never tried their shakes. One of my friends got one. Chocolate Oreo Shake. It was delicious!! Very rich and sinful.

Never disappoints. We had an amazing meal. Until next time! Tell them CHOMP! sent ya. :)

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