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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pepper Smash

I went to a friend's bday lunch this past Saturday. They chose to try Pepper Smash in the Shops at Legacy. It's been open for awhile now and I still haven't been, so I was looking forward to it. It seems like they're known for their mixology, the drinks all have interesting names and looked fun. I was hoping the food would be good too.

Unfortunately we had another event before lunch so we were going to be about 45 minutes late. Everyone else was meeting there at noon. I told them don't wait up.

Pepper Smash
7200 Bishop Rd.
Plano, TX 75024
(972) 943-0499
Price (brunch): $$

We arrived around 12:50PM. We had 2 tables close to the patio. It was such a nice day to sit outside. We joined one table and it seemed like they were almost done eating. However, we realized that the other table hadn't even gotten their food yet... eh?

We asked around the table to see what was good... We got responses of what NOT to order... :-/

(Sorry I don't have pictures of other people's food since they either ate them or were at another table... )
Chicken Mmm' Biscuits (real deal buttermilk biscuits, secret recipe fried chicken, habanero honey butter) $10~ Was strongly advised not to get this as it is super dry. I saw him take the last bite and it did look really dry. And coincidentally he coughed when he was answering us... haha. Like swallowing dry crumbs or something. :(

Black & White - BLT (blacken'd white fish, crisp bacon, pepper aioli, shredded romaine, tomato on focaccia) $10~ I was told this was super salty. She only ate half of it. But the fries were good.

They said the flatbreads are good though. One guy ordered one. Either the Mediterranean or Spiced Lamb Sausage.

We finally got around to ordering for ourselves. And this is also when the other table's food started arriving... wow.. that really took a long time.

Spicy Beef Katmandu (ginger, lemongrass, Thai chili, cilantro) $9~ This was really tasty. The beef is flash fried and it's really got a kick in flavor. And it's spicy for those who like spicy. I almost ordered this, but I asked the waitress if it came with anything... rice? bread? naan? and she said no. So I nixed it. I don't know how you can eat a dish like this with out some sort of carb to go with it. Or maybe some lettuce wraps??

Ceviche Tostadas (shrimp, crab, mango, jalapeno, cilantro, red onion, lime) $10~ This was a joke. And the guy who ordered it didn't try to cover up his disappointment. It was 4 little triangles of corn chips topped with a tiny bit of ceviche. $2.50 a pop eh?? That's just ridiculous. He ended up ordering a burger cuz he was hungry.

Hummus & Naan $8~ Was told this was good.

Oh... something cool that they did when the group first got there was pour liquid nitrogen on popcorn. It's all smokey and cold and when you eat it, smoke comes out of your mouth. Since we got there late, I asked if they could do it for us. It was a fun experience. :) 

Oh-M-P (fat stack of three cakes; choose 2 ingredients; maple syrup, whipped butter) $10~
I chose blackberry and bacon. Sweet and savory baby! Our food took about 35+ minutes to come out. Kind of ridiculous. But I was happy with my selection. The pancakes were crazy big and fluffy. I have no idea how they made them this way. Maybe a special pancake maker or mould or something. It fell apart pretty easily.. the consistency was more like a cake than normal pancakes. But yummy! It wasn't too heavy. There were large chunks of bacon throughout, could've used more blackberries though. I noticed the middle layer was burnt on the bottom, but it didn't affect the flavor much so I didn't mind it. The pairing with the whipped butter and maple syrup was delicious. My bf realized that he didn't like bacon mixed into the batter. But I do! hehe, that means more bacon for me! :P Apparently a girl from the other table ordered this when they first arrived. When it finally came, her pancakes were undercooked in the middle, so she had to send them back. Her new pancakes didn't make it out until we got our food...

Whiskey Chick Stack (grilled chicken marinated in house smoked whiskey white cheddar, caramelized onions, chipotle mayo) $10~ 
My bf ordered this. Tiniest piece of chicken on a sandwich ever!! But the flavors were good so we kinda overlooked the size. Fries were good, not the greatest, but yummy when dipped in the chipotle mayo.

Triple M's Explosion (pineapple and strawberry infused vodka, frozen with liquid nitrogen) $10~ 
He also got a drink, since this place seems to be known for their cocktails. It's pretty cool cuz it's made with liquid nitrogen and comes smoking when served. Aside from the cool assembling process, it was ok. It was like a strong strawberry daiquiri, not really worth the money.

So I'd say this place was a bust. They didn't have much business while we were there. We were 2 of maybe 4 tables and the wait for food was just ridiculous. Our waitress was good though. At least we got frequent refills on our water. And it's not her fault that the kitchen was slow or messing up orders... I'm glad I enjoyed my food, but just seeing how everyone waited almost 45 minutes to get the food, and the overall quality was just sad. Needless to say, we won't be returning. That location hasn't lasted long in the past. So they better shape up!!

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