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Friday, May 2, 2014

Las Vegas - Payard Patisserie & Bistro

Saturday morning in Vegas commenced my friend's bachelorette party. We started with breakfast at Payard Bistro in Caesars Palace. This was in my list of places to go the last time I was in Vegas so I get to try it this time!

Payard Patisserie & Bistro
(in Caesars Palace)
3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 731-7849
Price: $$$

It was a last minute change for breakfast location so we didn't even think to make a reservation. The bistro turned out to be quite small and we had a party of 7. The hostess told us it was about a 15-20 minute wait though. That's not too bad... But I think we ended up waiting a little over half an hour.

We finally got seated and they took our drink orders and brought us a bread basket
All the breads were yummy. There was one with a roasted garlic in the center, I think a focaccia and baguettes (since it's French and all. hehe) Most people were pretty hungry by now. I was still full from the dessert and dinner the night before! XP

I ordered the Brioche French Toast (chocolate, with nutella, sauteed banana compote, whipped cream) $18~ 
My friend and I both wanted something sweet and savory. So I got the sweet dish and she ordered the savory and we were gonna share. This was good, I think if I was hungrier, it would've been even better. But I still finished a whole piece on my own. The french toast had good texture and I liked the chocolate chips inside. I wanted more nutella on top though. I can never get enough nutella. :P Loved the bananas on top.

My friend got the Classic Monsieur (with ham, Bechamel, swiss cheese, baked tomato, salad) $16~ 
We thought all the prices were pretty steep but the portions turned out to be massive. It was a very large sandwich. I like the melted cheese and crispy crust on the sandwich but I wish Croque Monsieurs had some fresh veggies inside. I ended up stuffing some of the salad into the sandwich. It's quite heavy. The salad on its own was a little too sour, but I liked it paired with the sandwich.

Here are some other things people got...

Eggs Benedict on a Croissant $18~ Looked really good. I got a small bite, but wasn't enough to really get a sense of it.

Omelet (choice of 2 ingredients; with side salad) $18~ Looked pretty healthy. Didn't try it.

Almond Croissant. This is a big seller apparently. It was a large croissant. I got to try a bite, but again, not big enough to really tell how good it is...

The food portions were very large and tasty for the most part. It was a bit heavy for me so early in the day and still full from the night before. haha. But it's good quality French food. Our waitress was really nice and took some group photos for the bachelorette party. If you plan to go, make sure you reserve ahead of time, otherwise you'd have to wait...

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