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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sweet Mix Toast Sneak Preview!!!

Sweet Mix
1811 N Greenville Ave #300 
Richardson, TX 75081
(972) 231-6117
Price: $

Sneak preview at Sweet Mix!! I saw on facebook earlier today that they are rolling out some sort of French Toast or thick toast dessert soon. We happen to pay them a visit after dinner today and saw that they specially made one for a nearby table. They totally raved about it so I asked if we could get one as well. The girl at the register was a little hesitant since it's technically not supposed to be available until tomorrow (or today if you look at the time I'm posting this! haha). She was worried that it might not turn out as good as they wanted it to be. But we assured her that we want to try it regardless...

Sweet Mix Toast (topped with sweet cream, condensed milk, option of strawberry and/or banana, and option of nutella).
We got it fully loaded of course! hehe. I had initially thought it was going to be like a french toast but it wasn't. It was more like Asian style thick toast if you've ever had the pleasure of having one. I love them!!! It was so awesome looking when it came out and it tasted even better! The toast was toasted to perfection. The crust was just the right amount of crunchy and the middle was soft and pillowy. The nutella, condensed milk and fruit toppings were delicious with the bread. I think it would be the icing on the cake if we had added a scoop of ice cream! It was better than I imagined it would be. And I love their waffles and crepes but it totally overshadowed everything else. The waffles my sister got after just did not compare! I'm super excited I got to try this before their official release and even more excited that it's going to be on their menu (I hope forever!) I'm totally going back for more, and you better go get you some!!

I totally told myself no desserts this week, but broke my promise to try this. I have to say that it was worth every bite!! :D

I also got the Matcha Green Milk Tea $3.25~ Plus boba +$0.50~. 
The green milk tea itself was pretty good, not too sweet. The boba had good texture but was not sweet at all. They need to make the boba a bit sweeter then it would be better.

Not sure how much the toast was. But our total came out to be $11 and some cents. You do the math. :P

Anyways, back to the toast! I'm still drooling over it... They start offering them tomorrow (today). Go get some! Tell them CHOMP! sent ya! :)

Time for me to go to bed now. Until tomorrow~ hehe.

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