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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Edo Japan - Rockwall

I went to Edo Japan this past weekend. It's my bf's favorite place for sushi so he really wanted me to try it. 

EDO Japan Steakhouse, Sushi, & Bakery 
1067 Interstate 30 
Rockwall, Texas 75087 
(972) 722-2555 
Price (for sushi): $$ 

Walking up to the restaurant, it's pretty unassuming since it was just in a strip mall. But once we entered, it was bigger than I expected. The decor was really nice and modern. Red, white and black were the dominant colors in the sushi bar area. And there's hibachi on the other side of the restaurant. 

Our waitress warmly welcomed us and brought us our drinks. The cocktail my bf wanted wasn't on the menu anymore, but they still made it for him. I got hot tea since I was a little sick. I liked the little teapot. 

I let him order since there were specific things he wanted me to try. I love pretty much any kind of sushi so I'm totaly up for trying whatever. 

We started with the Stuffed Pepper Shrimp (crab, shrimp, jalapeno, cream cheese; tempura battered and fried) $12?? I'm not too sure how much it was... $12-15 probably. 
It was presented beautifully. All the different layers of colors and textures in the peppers over a bed of spring mix lettuce. It was delicious but very rich. It could totally be a meal on its own. The cream cheese was the source of the richness and brought everything together. The addition of the jalapeno was nice. It gave it that bit of spice... wasn't actually spicy though. The tempura batter added crunch, another layer of texture. I really liked it, but I don't think I can eat more than 2 pieces. haha. Definitely a must try! But share! :P 

Scallop Volcano Roll (California roll, scallop on top, eel sauce) $13~ 
I love volcano roll with either crawfish or scallops. This was pretty good, but not the best I've had. There wasn't much scallops but definitely a lot of crab. The rolls were made well. I didn't care for the eel sauce though. It was different than any eel sauce I've had anywhere else. The flavor wasn't as robust as I'm used to and it wasn't as dark in color either... It was still good though. 

Rockwall Roll (tuna, salmon, whitefish, asparagus, avocado, panko deep fried, eel sauce) $11.95~ 
I normally don't prefer fried sushi because they get a little too greasy. This one wasn't. I really liked the panko batter which made it crispier and lighter. 

Edo Special Cucumber Roll (tuna, salmon, white fish, yellowtail, crabmeat, asparagus, cucumber) $12.95~ 
I picked this one. It didn't have any rice in it. I thought it would something different to try. The colors were beautiful. And it was very refreshing. I liked that it was carb free after the other rolls with rice. The cucumber added a nice crunch to it. The fish were all very fresh as well. I liked it a lot. 

I also got a ginger salad (sorry no picture). The portion size was pretty good and the ginger dressing was nicely done. They brought it out a little late and the waitress immediately said they were going to comp it. How nice! :)

We were stuffed, surprisingly... Normally I can eat a lot of sushi, but I wasn't too hungry to begin with. Plus the appetizer was VERY filling! I really wanted to try their desserts since "bakery" is in the restaurant name. But I figured I'd be back again in the near future so I opted not to. Supposedly their cheesecake is really good! Until next time... 

Our waitress was fantastic. She was super cheerful and checked on us frequently. It made the dining experience even better. We had a good time. I'll definitely be back! :) 

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