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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Boulevardier Brunch

I have been trying to come here since they've opened. Once for dinner but traffic was so bad I never made it. This weekend I was in uptown for a wedding and we just stayed in the area overnight since it was late and people were drinking. Good opportunity to check out their brunch! They just started their brunch offerings about a week or two ago.

408 N Bishop Ave, Ste 108
Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 942-1828
Price: $$

We arrived Sunday around 12:30PM. The place was about 30% full so we were seated immediately. I loved the look and feel of the place. Cozy yet trendy... casual and bright! I love sunny settings during brunch.

Boulevardier is a French inspired bistro, I saw them plating fresh oysters as we walked in!

Even though I ate so much at the wedding the day before, I was still hungry and wanted to try everything. Everything sounded delicious and it took me a while to narrow down to top 3 choices.

We started with Le Petit Dejeuner (croissant, house-made buttermilk biscuits, baguette, local honey, butter, house-made jam) $5~
This is a great deal! The croissant was interesting. I've never had one like this before. It was denser and not as flaky and buttery as normal croissants. But I liked it with the soft butter and jam. I really liked the biscuits. Slightly crispy on the outside, fluffy and warm on the inside.

Tate Farms Burger (house bacon, fried farm egg, gruyere, caramelized onion, house pickles, pain au lait bun; served with side of Home Fries) $14~ Home fries are crisped in duck fat covered with caramelized onions.
The waitress told us the burger was excellent so my friend got that. Very impressive looking especially with the perfectly fried egg on top. The bacon was thick cut and awesome. The yolk drizzled all over as he cut into it. OMG. Truly delicious! The meat was flavorful, juicy and cooked perfectly medium. The egg and bacon on top was great of course. And I totally loved the was like a brioche meets potato bread. So soft. He said it's definitely up there as one the best burgers he's had. The home fries on the side were stellar as well. It had so much flavor being cooked in duck fat. And the crisp on them was amazing. The sweet caramelized onions on top just added to the layers of flavors and textures.

Beef Tongue Hash (pastrami cured, peppadew peppers, caramelized onion, garlic confit, poached eggs, hollandaise) $14~
I finally chose this. Seemed more unique since you don't find beef tongue often in restaurants. The portion seemed really small in comparison to the burger but it was incredibly filling. There were home fries in the hash as well and just as delicious. This was really tasty. The eggs were perfection. All the different flavors worked so well together. And the different textures from crispy potatoes, to the beef tongue to soft egg... wow. I would totally eat this again. The hollandaise was great. I even took the leftover potatoes from my friends plate and threw it into the leftover sauce. hehe.

Amazing brunch! If this is any indication of the caliber of food here, you can be sure I will be back for dinner (and brunch again)!! Our waitress was also really nice and I really loved the ambiance.

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