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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunday Brunch @ Craft~

I went to brunch at Craft this past Sunday. I've heard great things about Craft's brunch so I thought it would be a fun thing to do with friends.

After a REALLY late Saturday night...haha...most of us were running late to our 12:30PM reservation. I called the restaurant to tell them we were running late and they were very nice and told me it was not a problem. Finally we was pretty dead...just like last time we went for dinner. I guess Sunday just isn't a busy day for them.

We were given some pastries to start off, compliments of the chef! :)I'm not sure what all they were... The 2nd from the left was some sort of apple strudel muffin thing, and the 3rd from left was a cinnamon sugar pastry. They were all very good...buttery, flaky, not too sweet. A good way to start the meal.

It took us a while to look over the menu...everything sounded pretty good. I asked the waitress a couple questions on menu items as well as portion sizes. From her description, they didn't sound very filling.

I ordered the Short Rib & Shishito Pepper Hash with Two Eggs Any-Style $12~ I want to try anything with short rib. haha. It's one of my absolute favorite things. But since the portion didn't sound very big, I also got a side of Applewood-Smoked Bacon (3 strips) $5~ The hash and eggs were actually really filling. The eggs were eggs...nothing really special about it, but paired well with the hash. The short rib hash had a lot of short rib chunks in it. I was expecting more potato and less rib but it was the opposite. The short rib was fork yummy. But the dish was quite oily and salty. The eggs helped balance the saltiness a bit. The bacon was excessive and unimpressive. I expected thick cut bacon but it was normal thin strips you would find in any breakfast places. Totally not worth the money.

My BF was pretty hungry so he ordered the Open Faced Short Rib Sandwich with Horseradish & Arugula $16~ This was really good!! Like my hash, the short rib was quite salty, but paired with the bread and arugula, it was better. The short ribs were sooo tender and juicy, with the fresh and peppery arugula and the bread, there were many different textures and flavors. I liked this dish a lot.

I got to try a little of my friend's French Toast, Maple Syrup & House made preserve (Apple Butter) $11~ This was pretty good. The apple butter was really good on it. It was 4 slices of baguette instead of regular toast. The individual pieces of bread weren't very large, but it was a pretty heavy dish so I think it was plenty. Still doesn't beat the awesome french toast I had in Boston though...

Another friend of mine ordered the NY Strip, Two Eggs Any-Style & Hand Cut Fries $22~ It looked really good. He ordered it medium rare and it looked like it was cooked right. But seems like they cut the steak a little too early because there was a lot of juice on the plate. Also, going back and seeing the picture, I realized that they never gave him any fries!!!! That so totally sucks! Oh well, he also got 2 other sides so he definitely had plenty of food. haha. If the fries had been included I would have to say that this is probably the best deal for your money. Normally steaks in other restaurants are $25+ already so this was a good price.

We had a pretty good time. It was nice to just relax and chill with friends on a Sunday afternoon... I'm sure most of us would like to do that more often.

So then the waitress came with the check. One single check.... We asked her to split it for us. She said that their system does not allow split checks but if we could write our $ amounts with the separate credit cards, she could do it that way. We should've just given her total $ per card but we didn't think it would be such a big difference. We ended up writing what we ordered along with our cards. She came over and made a face....and said "It's going to take me like 20 minutes to get this done..." We kinda laughed...but she literally took 20 minutes. We weren't in a hurry so not a big deal right? But then the checks came and she messed up 4 out of the 6 checks!! Dahhh. All the items were mixed up. We had things on our checks that we didn't order. We called her over and asked her to correct them. She was very sorry and said that their system is 'archaic' and will not let her redo them once they have been entered. Sigh~~ All I have to say is Craft is definitely pulling a "Salum". hahaha. At least the waitress here did not give us attitude. So we ended up figuring it out on our own. Luckily we had cash to help us get it all straightened out.

Geez!! What's with all these expensive restaurants that don't update their systems! You would think they could afford something that can split checks. It's not really ideal to charge up the butt and then making the customer do their own math. I highly suggest Craft invest in a better system.

So overall, it was pretty good. The prices were much more affordable than dinner and the portions were enough. Just remember to bring cash if you are planning to do split's MUCH more efficient.

Quality of Food:
Service: (after the whole check debacle):
Overall Experience:


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