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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2nd Chances...

So…I’ve never been a fan of Indian food…I guess partially because I’ve had an idea that Indian food is just mushy and also I’ve never had good Indian food. I remember the last time I had Indian food was at least 5 years ago at Clay Pit in Addison. It was not memorable….all I remember was that it wasn’t good and it was SERIOUSLY overpriced.

Chaat Cafe
18101 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75252
(972) 381-0003
Price: $

Well, my sister loves Indian food. Her old roommate was Indian and her mom would often cook for them. Since I’m all about trying different/new types of foods, I was willing to give Indian another try. I had a gift certificate for Chaat Café on Preston & Frankford so we decided to go there.
It was a busy little place. A steady stream of customers continued to come in while we were there. It’s the type of restaurant where you order at the counter and they bring the food to you.

I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala ‘Dinner’ (Curry with boneless cubes of chicken in a tomato and onion based sauce) $9.99~ The dinner option includes the entrée with vegetable of the day, dal, rice, and naan. They also have a la carte options where you only get rice or naan. $6.99~

The dish was pretty good…there was A LOT of food. The naan was delicious (by itself or dipped in the curry), and the curry sauce over the rice was really good as well. I think I like Indian food!! Hehe :P

My sister ordered the Lamb Vindaloo ‘A la Carte’ (Curry with boneless cubes of lamb in a spicy tomato and onion based sauce), served with naan. $7.99~ The sauce had a slight heat to it (we LOVE spicy!), and was more flavorful than the Tikka Masala. Personally, I’m not a fan of lamb. I don’t like the smell or the “lamb” taste. The lamb in the Vindaloo did not have that smell or taste so it was good in my books. Haha. My sister told me that the flavors of the dishes weren’t very authentic Indian, but we both still agreed that the food was not too bad.

We also got a side of Cucumber Salad. $1.99~ It was light and refreshing. We enjoyed it.

Quality of Food:



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