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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Unicorn Dreamz - Cake Workshop w/ Three Twelve Co

I had the most fun this past weekend. I attended a Unicorn Cake Workshop with Three Twelve Company. Magic, and sprinkles, and rainbows, oh my! :P Lala (or Lauren) of @threetwelveco is a baker turned event production business owner. She made 3 of my 7 wedding cakes, including the main two-tiered centerpiece. :) I've known Lala for a couple years now, we've become friends, and I have attended several of her workshops and pop ups. They are always a lot of fun. But a cake workshop is what I've been waiting for!

She did the first Unicorn Cake workshop back at the beginning of February. I was sooooo bummed because I couldn't make that one. But it was so popular that she did a second one this past Saturday. YAASSSSSS! I was so psyched. I immediately bought a ticket and marked it on my calendar. I didn't even care that none of my friends could go with me. haha. The workshop was $130... a little pricey yes, but I've always found the experience of Three Twelve Co's events to be worth more than the cost. :D So I KNOW I was gonna have a good time. Plus you get all the materials provided and you get to take your cake home.

Three Twelve Co @ Place on Parry
3711 Parry Ave #104
Dallas, TX 75226
(214) 608-1161
Price: $130

I waited for weeks and finally the day was here. I love her event space btw... Place on Parry. You can rent it out for special events. There's high ceilings, pretty lights, and white walls... a photographer or Instagrammer's dream! 
How cute!! We each got our own work stations with all the materials. Included were three 8" round cakes, fondant, different colored frosting in piping bags, buttercream frosting, gloves, and more. We also got to sip on some mimosas with the cutest unicorn straws and there were little snacks for us to munch on. So I don't get tempted and eat all my cakes. haha.

Lala taught us herself. She walked us through every step. We started by using the neat little cake cutter to level off the top of each cake. This is a cool tool. Made it super easy to cut a completely level top to each round. And what do we do with the rounded tops?! We EAT them of course! Or at least I did. hahaha. They were sooooo buttery and yummy! The cakes were so fluffy and soft. I had eaten a whole top before the workshop was over. hehe.

Next we spread the buttercream on the tops and start stacking the layers. Then we cover the entire thing with more buttercream. Lala baked and made all the cakes and frostings, btw. And it's delicious. Frosting a cake is harder than it looks, y'all. It's hard not to pull up parts of the cake as you spread the frosting. But I think mine turned out pretty good!

Then we move on to the fondant. We used the fondant to cover the cake as well as make the horn for the unicorn. My horn turned out really good, but just as I got my camera for a picture, the bottom was too heavy and punched a hole at the top. :( It's ok tho, we're going to be sticking it into the cake so I just pushed it back up. haha. 
Lala and her helpers took the rest of the fondant to the back to roll out for us. I'm glad we didn't have to roll the fondant cuz that would be disastrous! XP Fondant is not easy to work... you have to be gentle so you don't rip it or puncture a hole in it. I was able to get it all smooth except for one side. But we can cut that off and use the frosting to cover it up. hehe. You can see the line in my picture.

We got some edible gold paint for the horns and used some of the leftover fondant for the ears. Then we started piping the "mane" of the unicorn. It is up to your personal creativity on how you want it to look. Everyone's looked different and interesting. I went with a rosette-esque design. Lots of circles and swirls. Then we had all these "accessories" for the unicorns... sugar pearls of different colors and sizes, sprinkles, glitter, all edible. What do you think of my creation? :)

There was also a photo station set up where we can put our cakes on stands and take pictures. We did group pictures of the class and individual ones. The balloon backdrop made it that much more whimsical. 
What a fantastic day. Three Twelve Co did not disappoint. I was so happy with my finished product, and couldn't wait to take it home to share it with my husband. Although I wanted to cry a little when I made the first cut into it... it's so pretty... And the cake is soooooooooooo good y'all. We were half way through before Saturday was over. :P

I had a blast at the workshop. I learned how hard it is to make a cake look nice and professional. I snacked on the yummy cake tops. And I made a new friend! The girl next to me came by herself too and we just kind of bonded. hehe. 

Thanks to Lala for another fantastic workshop. Follow her at @threetwelveco for all future events. She's got several things in the works! You can also follow her at  @lalascakes. :)

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