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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

20 Feet Seafood Joint

I met up with some friends one Friday for dinner and desserts. One of my friends celebrated his birthday the previous weekend but I missed it, so this was like a make up bday dinner. I offered up several suggestions but no one really made a decision so I put my foot down and chose 20 Feet Seafood Joint. It's been on my radar for a long time but I'm just never in that area. But since the dessert place(s) we were going to were nearby, I get to try it finally! Yay!

20 Feet Seafood Joint
1160 Peavy Rd.
Dallas, TX 75218
(972) 707-7442
Price: $$-$$$

The place is super casual. You order at the counter and then look for a table. They bring the food out to you. I snagged a table as I was waiting for my friends to show up. The place was about 50% full when I got there and continued to fill up. I'm glad I grabbed a table. Once everyone arrived we lined up to order. Everyone at the restaurant is really nice, from my interaction with them before I got the table to ordering, and they came by to check on us during our meal.

I had a few choices in mind but opted for the Grilled Bay of Fundy Salmon (udon noodle salad, baby spinach, peanut sauce) $16~ 
I wanted the Shrimp & Grits... but wasn't very hungry and thought the grits would be a little too heavy. I loved this dish. I asked them to make my salmon medium and it was perfect! I have to say I don't get salmon this well cooked at some fancier seafood places! So tender and flavorful. I loved the combo with the peanut sauce and udon. It was very interesting and satisfying. Just FYI, this is a cold dish. The fish is warm but everything else is cold... basically a noodle salad. I thought it was interesting that they had lots of Asian influences at a seafood joint.

Pork Ramen Noodles $12~ 
Speaking of Asian influences... they straight up had a ramen dish. What??? Ramen? At a seafood restaurant? Why not. haha. 2 of my friends got it. They both really enjoyed it. The egg and pork belly were ON POINT. That thick cut pork belly was delicious. My friend said their noodles and broth needed a little work. I tried the noodles and they were just a tad over cooked. Didn't have that chewiness that ramen noodles needed. I didn't try the broth though.

Lobster Roll $19~ 
The bday boy wanted to try the lobster roll. It came loaded with large chunks of lobster so that was good. And the lobster was fresh and cooked well. But the entire thing was pretty the length of a hot dog bun. I've never been a huge fan of lobster rolls and find them insanely expensive. But he enjoyed it, so that's all that matters. But then he also had to order another dish to fill him up..

Fried Bluepoint Oyster Po-Boy $10~ 
2 people got this, including the bday boy. I tried a bite of the fried oyster. It was really good. And I'm not an oyster fan. I liked the flavor better than the lobster roll.

Fish & Chips $14~ 
I love me some fish and chips. This was really good. The fish was tender and flaky and thick. The batter was also great. Just the right amount of fry. And the fries are amazing.

20 Feet French Fries $4~ 
Their fries... OMG, their fries. Sooooo freaking good. It was just fried perfectly. AND seasoned perfectly. I love the addition of the rosemary. I would go back just for the fries... no joke.

It was a great dinner. Everyone loved it and thanked me for the recommendation. None of us had ever been there before. Hopefully we'll go back soon. We were all full and satisfied. And now it's time to hit up some dessert spots! :P

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