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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop

We went to this Asian Night Market Festival event at the beginning of October. It was in some office building in downtown Dallas. If you know which event I'm talking about, you'd probably agree it was pretty much an epic fail. I didn't have high expectations for it, but it was so bad that we only stuck around for 20 minutes, despite paying for the admission. Booo... :( Luckily, we had a back up plan for dinner if this were to happen. My friends and I left, and contacted other friends that were on their way to the event to go elsewhere. Don't waste your money! haha. We all went to Uncle Uber's in Deep Ellum instead. We KNOW we'll get some good food there.

Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop
2713 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226
(214) 653-8237
Price: $-$$

It took awhile for us to find parking... there was some concert going on that night so it seemed more packed than usual. Finally we were in line at Uncle Uber's. As my friends were trickling in... the power goes out. Not just the restaurant, but basically the whole neighborhood. Geez. Is this the universe telling us we're doomed for food today?!? The rest of my friends JUST parked (and paid parking too) so we decided to stick around the area for awhile to see if the power comes back. We decided to walk around Deep Ellum to see if other areas weren't affected and other food options. We walked around for 15 minutes or so... seemed way longer, but the power came back!! We bee-lined to Uncle Uber's and found the line was shorter. Woohoo!

I got the Blackened Fish (spicy filet, homemade slaw, pickles, on a toasted bun) $6.99~ 

I wanted to try something new this time. The burger sounded amazing, but I wanted something a little lighter. "A little". haha. The sandwich was pretty hefty with 2 giant pieces of blackened fish. Loaded with slaw, and I asked them to add some lettuce. The fish was cooked perfectly. It had so much flavor. It was a pretty messy sandwich though. Juices all over the place. hehe. Loved it!!

My fiance got The Cuban (slow roasted pork, Boar's Head ham, swiss cheese, pickles, Uber sauce; in a hot pressed baguette) $7.99~ He's been craving this forever! We both think Uncle Uber's has one of the best Cubans in Dallas. Granted... I haven't had many in Dallas, haha, but this is legit.

Hand-Cut Fries $1.99~ Some other friends got fries. I loooooove their fries. You can tell it's freshly cut. And fried to perfection. I think I ate at least half of my friend's fries. Ahahaha... well if she's not gonna finish it, why not?! :P

Totally love this place. I'm so glad we stuck around for the power to come back. After a disappointing day like this, the food totally made up for it. Oh yea, the lady that brought the food out to the tables was hilarious!! The whole dining room was having a good time with her. :) We'll be back for sure!!

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