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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bin 303: $10 Burger Tuesdays

Lots of good food this past week, you guys! No wonder I haven't been to the pool at all this summer.. need to diet first! hahaha XP

My fiance and I finally got to go check out Bin 303's $10 Burger Tuesdays. We've known about it for a long time now but never made it on a Tuesday night. AND we've never tried any of their burgers! So we specifically set aside a Tuesday night to go check it out. All the burgers are $10 on Tuesdays.

Bin 303
105 Olive Street
Rockwall, TX 75087
(972) 771-5303
Price: $$-$$$$

First of all, Bin 303 is a neighborhood gem in Rockwall. It's a converted old house so it's very homey. The food is always pretty fantastic. I had made a reservation thinking we didn't need one since it's a week night but just in case. I'm sooo glad I did because apparently their Tuesday nights are equivalent of a Friday night. The place was packed! My fiance dropped me off and had to go circle around to find parking. They had our table ready for us. As I was waiting for my fiance to park, 2 ladies walked in without a reservation, and the wait was like 45 minutes or something. Damn! I'm so glad I was being cautious. They had recently renovated so the bar area now is really big. Looks like a great place to chill with some friends.

After we were seated, the waiter brought us some waters. My fiance decided to get the Cucumber Sipper (Hendrick's Gin, St. Germain Elderflower liquor, fresh mint, cucumber water, simple syrup, fresh cucumber) $10~ 
Refreshing, but a little heavy on the elderflower liquor for my taste. A bit strong for me. But as you all know... I'm a super light-weight. hehe.

It's $10 Burger Tuesday so we're gonna order burgers!
I got the Texican Burger (aged cheddar, chipotle mayo, nueske bacon, pico and avocado spread; on brioche bun; served with barley salad) $14~ I also added grilled jalapeno relish (on the side) +$1~ 
I got my meat cooked medium, which I think they did a good job. It was a damn good burger. I absolutely loved the buttery, fluffy brioche bun. The meat was flavorful and super juicy. Avocado is always a good addition. 
I did notice that I didn't get much bacon, but honestly, I didn't miss it. The jalapeno relish was WHOA! So spicy on it's own. But I spread it on my burger and it was just the right amount of heat. Guess the jalapenos were extra spicy that night. I wouldn't recommend it unless you can take some serious heat. The barley salad was a nice and light side. I liked that there was arugula and tomatoes mixed in. I would so totally have this burger again. Any time. Delicious!!

My fiance got the Cheese Burger (aged cheddar, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles; on brioche bun; served with sweet potato fries) $14~ 
He got his medium-rare. The waiter didn't object when he ordered it med-rare either, which means their meat is good quality. I've had restaurants say they're uncomfortable cooking their meats less than medium for burgers. The meat was cooked perfectly. 
He loved it. Another winner! Oh, and the sweet potato fries were fantastic! We both love sweet potato fries, and they did them right.

Creme Brulee (with fresh strawberry) $9~ 
Usually we don't eat like this on a week night.. But this is like a special occasion. Mid-week date night. Awww. :P So we got dessert. Great consistency, crunchy burnt sugar on top. It wasn't too heavy to round out this great dinner.

Needless to say, we'll be back soon. They do offer their burgers every night, but normally it's $14 each. If you ever find yourself in Rockwall, definitely check out Bin 303. It's one of our favorite spots. :)

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