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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

LA Burger - Carrollton

On Saturday we went to an event in Lewisville in the morning. I knew I wanted to take my bf to LA Burger for lunch since it was only 10 minutes away from the event. I love LA Burger and I can't believe it's been 2 years since I was there last... They've opened a 2nd location since then in Carrollton, just across the street from H-Mart. SO excited, you would not believe!

LA Burger - Carrollton
1017 E Trinity Mills Rd. Ste 104
Carrollton, TX 75007
(972) 245-0505
Price: $

We got there around 1PM and the place was fairly busy, but no line at the register. You order at the counter and they bring the food to you.

I had to get the LA Burger (Angus patty, sauteed kimchi, teriyaki sauce, fried egg, jalapeno) $6.95~ 
I've tried several burgers here and this is my favorite. Fried egg... that's all I can say. I like the new addition of jalapenos too! The egg was perfectly runny and I see they've changed the bread since the last time I was there. Toasted with a slight crunch on top, but it was soooo fluffy. I also detected a little sweetness, like a Hawaiian roll! I LOVE Hawaiian rolls! haha. It was amazing. I was starving and it totally hit the spot. The meat was tender and the burger had so much flavor. Way to keep up the good work guys!

My bf got the Asian Hogi (bulgogi, lettuce, tomato, mayo, spicy mild sauce, on a toasted hogi bun) $5.95~ 
He got it without mayo. He loved it. And all my hype didn't make his expectations too high. Yay! I still liked my burger better but this was good too. Tender meat, the bread wasn't too hard. I would've wanted sauteed kimchi though, one of my favorite elements at LA Burger.

And can't go without getting the K-Fries (fries topped with onions, sauteed kimchi, bulgogi, cheese, sauce, cilantro) $5.95~? (don't exactly remember the price on this) 
I get it with sweet potato fries because I like the sweet and savory combo. The fries were nice and crispy. All the toppings were fantastic. It's amazeballs. My bf loved it too. And he hates kimchi! I got him to like it!! Because it's sauteed it doesn't have as strong of that fermented flavor.

Shout out to one of the owners, Jon! It's been awhile since I've seen him, and we chatted for a bit and he also came by to check on our table. I'm so glad business is doing well. It's still one of my favorite burger joints in Dallas! :)

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