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Friday, June 7, 2013

Khan Izakaya

I came across Khan Izakaya while looking through Yelp. Hmm.. never heard of it! But anything with "izakaya" in the name sounds good by me! Decided to go check it out this past Saturday. 

Khan Izakaya 
2240 Royal Ln. #102 
Dallas, TX 75229 
(972) 243-4841 
Price: $$ 

I quickly realized it is in the old Bar [A] space. Oh Bar [A], I will miss you... I used to go there a lot back in college years. Yogurt soju! Heck yea! 

Anyhoo, back to Khan.. The inside has been redecorated. There are little private tables divided by wood posts and curtains along the walls. In the middle there are little tables that look like you are eating at a street vendor. Pretty cool. Even though it's a izakaya (Japanese), it's Korean owned and feature some Korean dishes and drinks on the menu. They also have the typical skewers and appetizers you'd find at an izakaya type restaurant. 

One of the waiters came by to go over the menu with us since some items were written in only Korean. That was nice of him. But they have pictures for almost everything so that made it easier to order as well. And the pictures looked pretty yummy. 

Mini Chirashi $9~ 
My sister ordered this. Once she got it, I cancelled my order and switched to this as well. haha. For $9, this was pretty amazing deal. There were 3-4 different kinds of sashimi, mini fish roe, seaweed salad, daikon radish, ginger and wasabi. It was so pretty! The quality was good too! Very fresh, and the rice had great texture. Chirashi under $10 is pretty much unheard of here.. so it was a good find. :) However, some of their menu pricing seemed strange. For example, edamame was $6 and seaweed salad is $7?? While a whole chirashi bowl is only $9?? I found that kind of bizarre. But I'm totally not complaining about the price for my sashimi bowl! :P I would go back just for this. 

Shoyu Ramen $8~ 
My sister's bf ordered this. It looked pretty good. I guess it's standard ramen compared to other places in Dallas. Slightly bland but the pork was good. And I liked that it had a lot of bean sprouts in it. The noodle could've been a bit chewier in my opinion. 

Shrimp Tempura (3 pcs) $5~ He also got this as a side. I didn't try it. Looked pretty good though. 

Tempura Udon $10~ 
My friend ordered this and subbed the tempura shrimp for all veggie tempura. They gave her a giant basket of vegetable tempura! Awesome. The tempura seemed like it was made with panko, it was crispier than the norm. I liked that. The udon seemed pretty standard. I didn't get to try it. For the price, this was a lot of food. 

Super Spicy Chicken $13~ 
My sister and I saw this on the menu and immediately wanted to get it. The waitress warned us that it was really spicy. We eat very spicy and normally when people say it's spicy, it's not enough for us. But later the first waiter came and warned us again about the spice level. haha. And they were right! Just one bite, my face got all warm. Man... it was spicy!!! Even for my sister, who can take way more than me. But other than spicy, it lacked seasoning/flavor, so it was a let down. I think if they seasoned it more, we would've actually liked it. 

They also gave us Onigiri with the spicy chicken. It had sesame oil, bits of seaweed and mini fish roe in it. It was delicious! I wish we can just order that by itself!!

Yogurt Soju $13? 
So.. they don't have this on the menu, but the waiter said they had the yogurt so they can make it if we wanted. Haven't had it in forever so we got a bottle. Very strong! Not like I remembered from Bar [A]. Next time I'll have to ask them to put more yogurt! haha. 

It's a cool little place for some snacking and drinking with friends. They are open til 2AM I believe. I might be back in the future for the chirashi again. hehe. The service was pretty good too. All the wait staff were very friendly. 

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  1. Looks wonderful! Presentation is absolutely amazing!