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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stan's Grill

Ahh... This'll be my LAST post for 2011! This year has flown by...craziness!

Earlier this week I met up with some of my HS friends for dinner. The first place we went had a 45 minute wait so we went around the corner to Stan's Grill. This is a pretty new place but the few reviews online seemed pretty good.

Stan's Grill
3645 Dallas Pkwy
Plano, TX 75093
(972) 850-0953
Price: $$

The place was pretty empty. There were a lot of TVs everywhere so I think this would be a good place to watch games and stuff in the future.

We were all pretty starving so the menu looked good.
The waitress was really friendly and gave us some of her recommendations.

My bf got the Fish Tacos (3) (flour or corn tortillas filled with sauteed or blackened fish, lettuce, pico de gallo, cilantro and a cheese mix; served with homemade salsa; with side of fries) $7.95~
It was a pretty big plate of food. The fish and toppings were very fresh but the pico was a bit watery and made the tortillas kinda soggy. Their fries were pretty dang good!

I got the Chicken Fried Chicken (8oz. chicken cutlet, topped with choice of country or jalapeno cream gravy and Texas toast; served with vegetable of the day or mixed grilled veggies and a choice of fries or mashed potatoes) $10.25~
It was also a pretty big portion. Some of my friends got the Chicken Fried Steak and it was even more massive than the chicken. The chicken was cooked well and quite juicy for being all white meat. I liked the batter but the gravy made it a bit soggy. The jalapeno gravy could've been a bit creamier and spicier in my opinion. Again, the fries were yummy! The vegetable of the day was sauteed broccoli. I liked it a lot!

Some friends got the Crunchy Queso Catfish (fried catfish covered in homemade queso with pico de gallo; served with vegetable of the day or mixed grilled veggies and a choice of fries or mashed potatoes) $10.95~
This was one of the dishes highly recommended by our waitress. I was a bit skeptical... queso? with fish? But it was pretty fantastic. The fish was SUPER tender and I liked the batter. The queso on top complimented it really well. And it was a huge portion. You get 2 large pieces of catfish and 2 sides. My friends cleaned their plates!

The manager (I think...or maybe it's Stan?) came by to check on us a few times. He was super friendly and hospitable. It made us feel really welcomed to be there. From what I remember they had some pretty good specials either for happy hour or during game time. I think next time we'll go there to watch a game or something.

I would recommend checking this place out. Really great service and good affordable food!!

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