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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Great Dinner @ Roy's!

Last Friday I went to Roy's with a friend of mine. I had received another $20 off offer in my email so I jumped at the chance to use it!

We arrived at 7PM. It was really packed! I'm glad their business is doing well. We were seated promptly, but we got the table closest to the front door. Not the most optimal since it was really cold whenever people came in and out, but whatever. We're flexible. :P

The waitress was super friendly. She took our drink orders and another waiter came with complimentary edamame. They always put some spicy seasoning on it, really makes the flavors pop.

So we decided to get a couple dishes and share. We ordered from their Prix Fixe menu...newly updated for the Winter Season.

For appetizer we got the Rock Shrimp Tempura (Shishito, Shimeji, Malaysian Curry Aioli). The presentation was amazing. It looks just like the pictures they posted on their website. It's not everyday where the food in the pictures looks like the food they serve you. haha. It tasted amazing too. The shrimp was lightly battered. It was juicy, sweet and cooked perfectly. There was also fried okra (or peppers...I'm not too sure...or maybe both) and mushrooms in there with the shrimp. The combo was awesome. Different flavors and textures all worked together, nothing overpowered anything else. The curry aioli added an extra spice to the dish. The curry had a huge burst of flavor but didn't steal the show. I totally recommend this...I would even get this with a bowl of rice and call it my main dish!

For the entree we chose the Dynamite Crusted Salmon (Tempura vegetables, Happy rice, Drunken Nori Sake Sauce). I think the menu description was a little misleading. The salmon wasn't really crusted with anything but it was topped with this creamy spinach and mushroom blend. It was tasty. The salmon was cooked perfectly but I think it needed a little more seasoning. So the spinach/mushroom topping added more flavor to it. I was very interested to try the Happy just sounded funny. hehe. It's basically sushi rice with bits of seaweed, sesame seeds, and ginger in it. It has a slight vinegar flavor just like sushi rice. The bits of seaweed, sesame, and ginger was very interesting. I really enjoyed it. The mix of the rice with the salmon paired together very well. The tempura veggies were tempura green beans. The beans were cooked very well, still had a slight crunch to it. The batter was also very good...light and crispy. There were 2 different sauces on the plate. the dark brown sauce was really good...slightly sweet. The pinkish one however...tasted kind of like raspberry? was weird...we didn't touch it a second time. So other than the pink sauce, the entire plate was fantastic. I would suggest getting seafood at Roy's vs the beef...the fish is always better!

We got an additional appetizer because we thought just the prix fixe for 2 is not enough. We decided on the Wood Grilled Szechwan Spiced Baby Back Pork Ribs $10.95~ Since the appetizer and entree were both seafood, some meat would be nice. The ribs were soooo delicious. They were juicy, full of flavor, and just enough sauce. Slightly sweet with a hint of spice...yum yum yum! This also paired really well with the Happy Rice.

It ended up being a ton of food...we were stuffed. But we're not done yet! There's still the chocolate souffle for dessert! Still awesome as always. Definitely on the top of my list for molten chocolate cakes.

Man...we were SOOO full. I would have to say this is one of the best meals I've had at Roy's. Everything was amazing. And I didn't even get the butterfish! This is still one of my favorite places, great for any special occasion.

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