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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sushi Robata

Went out to eat last weekend...we were craving some sushi and wanted to go try somewhere new and preferably not too expensive. We came upon Sushi Robata (on Frankford and Tollway). I think it is fairly new since I was just in that area a couple months ago and I don't recall seeing it. Since they don't have a website or menu online, we took a chance and checked it out.

Sushi Robata

4727 Frankford Road
Dallas, TX 75287
(972) 930-9428
Price: $-$$

The decor was very nice, much nicer than I had expected pulling up to the restaurant (since it's in a strip mall). It was fancy not snooty and the lighting/ambiance was nice.

We ordered a variety of things to try...

We got the Grilled Bacon wrapped Mushrooms (with teriyaki sauce) $3.99~

I don't remember the name on the menu, but this dish is a must try. Sooo much flavor and the sauce on top added a sweetness. You can never go wrong with bacon! :P

I ordered the Miso Salmon $4.99~ I hoped the salmon would be bigger but I guess for the price I should've expected it to be this size. The flavor of the fish was good, but it was slightly overcooked, so it was a little dry. I still prefer misotara (miso cod)...but that's generally more expensive.

We also got the Shoyu Ramen $7.99~ It looked like a pretty typical ramen. But the noodles were cooked perfectly and the broth was super flavorful. It's one of the better ramens I've had in the Dallas area.

Next is the sushi. We ordered California Roll & Sushi Combo: Shrimp, Yellowtail, Salmon, Snapper, Tuna (comes with miso soup and salad) $13.99~ and the Spicy Summer Rolls $8.99~ The combo came with soup and salad. The salad was really good...fresh and the dressing was great! The sushi was pretty good. The fish was fresh and had nice texture. The california rolls, however, were just ok. I don't think they used real crab...although it didn't taste as bad as some of the fake crab that other restaurants use. I REALLY liked the summer rolls. I think it had white tuna, crab, asparagus, and roe in it. The cucumber on the outside made it look really pretty and was very refreshing. The cool and crisp cucumber was a great complement to the rice and fish. Plus the siracha sauce on the side added a nice spicy kick! I would totally order this again.

A friend of mine ordered 2 orders of Spicy Tuna Rolls (which was $4-5~ per order). Like I said about the california rolls, it was ok. The flavor was fine, but the quality just wasn't there. The rice didn't have the right texture and it wasn't made very well (not pretty).

He also ordered the Gyudon (Beef Bowl; comes with soup and salad) which I didn't see the price. I got to try a piece of the beef. It was very good. Thin slices of beef, tender, lots of flavor, with a bit of sweetness. It was yummy.

I'm glad we found this place. The food was really good for the most part and the prices were reasonable. They had a lot of smaller plates/appetizers than I've seen in other restaurants, so there's definitely more dishes I want to try in the future. Good food, reasonable prices, and nice ambiance...this is a good place to check out if you ever want sushi in that area! :)

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