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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Canary Cafe - Birthday~

Canary Cafe
5100 Belt Line Rd. Ste 402
Dallas, TX 75254
(972) 503-7080
Price: $$$

I had another birthday dinner 2 weeks ago. We went to Canary Café Mediterranean Steak & Seafood. I first found out about this place over 2 years ago but never got to try it.

After we ordered the waiter brought us some bread with olive oil and parmesan.
We were also served a drink to cleanse our palettes (orange juice, carrot juice, and pomegranate on the bottom. I’m not a fan of carrot so the drink wasn’t too tasty for me, but it was refreshing.

For starters, I ordered the Hummus (with pita bread). $5~

The texture of the hummus was really good. The flavor was good but not the best I’ve had. There was a lot of garlic in it so it created a slightly spicy taste which was really good. They definitely need to give more pita bread because we still had hummus left after we ate all the pita.

A friend of mine ordered the Artichoke Salad (mixed field greens, kalamata olives, mushroom and garlic). $7~ I was able to have a taste. It was really good. There were lots of ingredients with different textures and was very fresh. The dressing was very light and suited the salad very well.

He ordered the Lamb (16oz. Australian T-Bone served with tabbouleh and tzatziki). $28~ The dish looked really good, but the lamb pieces seemed kinda small. He said it was really good and finished the entire plate.

Canary Café is known for its steaks. Apparently the chef has won numerous awards for his steaks. I shared the 14oz Prime Ribeye (*winner* served with gorgonzola garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables) with a friend. $32~ The steak was cooked very nicely…a tender medium rare. However, I thought it was missing a certain flavor…not quite sure what it is, but it was missing something. I was also hoping for more vegetables, but I guess the main reason for the veggies was more for presentation than filling up your tummy…haha. The gorgonzola mashed potatoes were very creamy but overpowered by garlic. The texture was nice but all I could taste is garlic…

I told the waiter that it was my friend’s birthday so he gave us a free dessert! Score!! :P It was a chocolate cake with raspberry sauce (usually $7~). The presentation was pretty cool...very creative. The chocolate cake was yummy…super rich…makes you want to eat it with a glass of milk. It was a good ending to the meal.

Overall, the dinner wasn’t too bad. The ingredients used in the dishes were definitely fresh and high quality, but the flavor was mediocre. It was tasty, but not special enough for me to go back. The restaurant is very small and the service was great. It’s a good place to go for small groups and special occasions.

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